Accounts for April 2019 – March 2021 (two financial years)

FAQs for 2019-20 and 2020-21 NEL LPC Accounts

A – £28,050 in 2021 was for the Tower Hamlets Cancer Project

A – £2,784 in 2020 was the refund for the RPS event that was cancelled (the costs can be seen in the 2020 expenditure under RPS)

A – These accounts relate to 4 employees

These payments relate to the LPC Operations Team

A – This related to a project the LPC was co-ordinating which required a pharmacist and HCA to be released for training.  The LPC funded the backfill from a £65,700 project grant which was paid to the LPC in our 2021/22 accounts

A – This was for a training event that was cancelled due to Covid-19.  The LPC received a refund in our 2021 accounts (see above)

A – This is the cash figure invested by the LPC in stocks and shares.  This was liquidated for £291,517.25 in the 2021/22 and will be accounted for there along with appropriate interest and tax liabilities

A – The LPC applied for a bounce back loan. This has now been repaid in July 2021

A – This is a carry over from the 2018/19 accounts.  We are addressing this in our 2021/22 accounts as we feel it is no longer a liability and therefore can be written off

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