NEL LPC Strategic Plan for 2021/22

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Strategic Plan 2021-22

  1. Training and Development
    • Support the development of pharmacists and their team across NEL
    • Supplementary training as required during the year
    • Link training to all commissioned services where appropriate
  2. NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service
    • Half of surgeries across NEL to be live during 2021/22
    • Support pharmacies to take ownership of the project by year end
    • Support contractors to ensure completion of CPCS referrals
  3. Discharge Medicines Service
    • All Acute Trusts live with the service
    • All Acute Trusts transferring patients using a Nationally recognised DMS IT template
    • Work with other key stakeholders to develop DMS referrals from other organisations
    • Support all contractors to ensure they do not breach their Essential Service specification
  4. Pharmacy Support
    • Delivery of services across all pharmacies
      • For example, SMI, PGDs, NMS, DMS, CPCS, CPAF, Immunisations
    • Support with the delivery of PQS
  5. Primary Care working relationships
    • GP / Pharmacy relationships
      • Create locality groups across the LPC where GP practices and pharmacies are working closely together
    • Primary Care Networks
      • Engagement with PCN Boards as they form
      • Link CPCS, DMS and NMS with PCNs
    • Integrated Care Systems
      • Ensure participation in the newly forming ICSs
      • ICS Board and Operating team
      • Work locally with ICPs as they begin to form
  6. Communications
    • Area Manager meetings
      • Quarterly via Zoom
    • Increase working links with secondary care establishments
      • To enhance DMS
    • Stakeholder engagement – MPs / Councillors / GPs / Practice Managers / PSNC
      • Including social media
    • Communications directly with contractors
      • Conference
      • Social media
      • Emails
    • Website
      • Review and enhance website to create a one stop shop for all pharmacy enquiries
  7. NHS Service development and retention
    • Develop new service opportunities
    • Implementation of new services
    • Review of existing contracts with commissioners
      • Engagement with existing contract delivery
      • NMS
    • Roll out of any new Nationally Commissioned services
  8. LPC Finances
    • High quality LPC financial governance
    • Yearly summary to contractors
    • Work to obtain project grants

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