Primary Care Networks

PCN Leads

NEL Pharmacies by PCN

List of NEL Pharmacies by PCN, includes pharmacies aligned to PCNs as their Primary and Secondary (PDF)

NEL Surgeries by PCN

Map of surgeries by PCN

List of surgeries in NEL by PCN (PDF):


PSNC briefings, resources and support for contractors and LCPN Leads

Member/Contact detail record (Excel Spreadsheet) LPC Template to capture details of PCN Leads (LCPN Lead, Clinical Director, Clinical Pharmacist); Community Pharmacies aligned to PCN and Surgeries in PCN

Engagement Record Template (Spreadsheet) to keep record of engagement activities participated in

Guide to Zoom Calls (Zoom)

Guide to creating a Whatsapp Group (WikiHow)

Guide to getting started on Microsoft Teams (Microsoft)

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