What is AccuRX?

AccuRx provides pharmacy teams a secure platform to communicate with the patients GP directly. The information sent through Accurx can be saved on the record of the patient by the GP with one click.

The benefit to the pharmacy is time saved trying to contact the patient’s GP. Medicines Optimisation concerns can be raised and shared with the GP in an auditable and secure manner and for changes to be made preventing any delays in dispensing prescription and delay in treatment for our patients.

Any staff member that has a personal email address can register to use AccuRx and at the moment there is no cost for using AccuRx.

What could AccuRx be used for?

  1. Medicines shortage related issues
  2. Prescription related queries
  3. Repeat request related queries
  4. Contacting patient by SMS.
  5. Arranging a video consultation with the patient following maybe a CPCS referral.
  6. As a backup for sending flu/ PPV notifications.

Registration Guidance

Click here to view AccuRx Registration Guidance Document

Demonstration from NEL LPC webinar

What it should not be used for?

It is highly recommended that AccuRx is not used to provide any service that is not part of the CPCF. For example, do not use it for reporting INR, Blood pressure readings etc. Please do not set a precedence of free work by providing a certain service as a one off in the expectation that it will be funded further down the line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get paid to use AccuRx?

No. Similar to SCR, the tool is available for use to support delivery, information flow and patient experience.

What is the cost of AccuRx to pharmacy?

The AccuRX platform is currently free, and the LPC have an agreement that this will remain the case until March 2021, after which there is a cost for access and use of the platform. The LPC have made it crystal clear to AccuRX that NEL community pharmacy contractors are not in a position to cover the costs post March 2021 and that unless system can agree to support funding, those contractors who have already registered will be forced to un-register. In order ensure the sustainability of the use of AccuRX within community pharmacy, the LPC will be working jointly with AccuRX on a funding proposal to go to the STP SMG who make the commissioning decisions

What do we have to do to register?

Please refer to the guidance document and demonstration above.

Do we use our personal NHS mail instead of pharmacy address?

Yes. The pharmacy NHS Mail address is not acceptable. Registration will only be approved for those that register with their personal email address.

Can City and Hackney Pharmacy Contractors register with AccuRX?

Yes. This pilot is NEL wide which is inclusive of City and Hackney pharmacies.

Can the system be used for Video consultations?

Video consultation is active as soon as you register with your personal email address.

Can AccuRx be used to send repeat prescription request where a surgery insists on paper requests? 

It should not be used for this purpose as repeat requests are not part of the CPCF and is not funded service. Hence, do not sent a precedence of carry out free services.

Which GP will receive the AccuRx? Can we choose a GP to send the AccuRx message to?

The message goes on to the toolbar at the General Practice where any clinician who has authority to access the clinical record would be able to view the message.  There is no way to send the message to a specific doctor. The message goes to the practice.

Can GP’s send us the message back to us? If so, will it come back as an email?

Response to the message will be received on the registered personal inbox.

The new CPCS system relies on GPs referring pharmacy. Can we develop a pathway to do this via AccuRx?

No. This is not the pathway as mapped out by NHSE for the CPCS referrals. CPCS is monitored and audited through NHS 111 via Adastra. Hence, the payment mechanism is built around the existing framework of NHS 111. AccuRx does not have an appointment scheduling function therefore cannot be considered for GP CPCS. 

Have GPs and PCNs been made aware we are going to be using Accurx?

Accurx will make inform the practices through their communications to the CCGs. As far as the PCNs are concerned, this should be the LCPN leads opportunity to re-engage with their PCN and start the communication links.

There was an email from EMIS saying from next year Pharmacies will pay for their own CPCS platform

PSNC are aware of this requirement and it’s not just EMIS saying it. PSNC CP IT group are aware of the change and they are looking into it for a national solution.

Is there Accurx software for community pharmacists, like they have in GP surgery, rather than a web version?

The web version shown in the guidance and demonstration above can currently be utilised for Community Pharmacy.

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