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Pharmacy Users Take Action to Express Their Voice

Improving care through community pharmacy – a call to action

A group of local pharmacy users from six NE LONDON boroughs have formed a partnership to express their voice. They want to see improvement in the range and quality of local pharmacy services, better integration with other services, reduction in harm from prescribed medicines, and support for selfcare and independent living.

The group has called itself NEL Public Pharmacy Partnership and has invited the local pharmacists, voluntary organisations and the public to work with them to promote change and service development. They want to see pharmacists have a strong and collaborative relationship with their CCGs and Health and Well Being Baords. PPP are holding meetings in each of the six boroughs to develop their ideas for submission to the NHS Call to Action consultation. They are inviting the local public, volunatary organisations and commissioners to attend their meetings. Local pharmacists are also invited.

The Chairman, Mike McLean, is a former non-executive director of a PCT and is joined on the Partenrship Board by people who understand the local health and social care economy. They expect to get around 6,000 subscribers to the PPP by end of February 2014.

They feel care near home should mean care near home and pharmacy is near their homes. Well, let us see what happens. Their website is Well at least in this area lucky pharmacists have a public that is interested in their future.

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