Friday Letter 12/02/2020

Friday 12th February 2021

Flu vaccine ordering guidance for 2021/22

The flu vaccination letter on reimbursement and ordering has been published for the 2021/22 flu season. The letter from Professor Stephen Powis also provides an overview of uptake from the 2020/21 season.

Click here to view the flu vaccine ordering guidance 2021/22 on the NHS website.

In addition, colleagues are encouraged to also remind themselves of JCVI advice for the 2021/22 season from November 2020, click here to view.

Community pharmacies should review the above and plan their ordering for 2021/22 season based on meeting at least the numbers achieved during the 2020/21 season, as recommended by NHSE.

Pharmacy Quality Scheme declaration window dates for February 2021

The Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) declaration window opened at 9am Thursday 4 February. This was a delay from the scheduled date of Monday 1 February and therefore, the PQS declaration window has been extended and will now close on Monday 1 March at 11.59pm. The date of PQS payment will not be affected.

Health and social care white paper published

The ‘Working together to improve health and social care for all’ has been published.

Click here to view

For more information and PSNC comment, please see the following message from the PSNC bulletin:

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has announced new plans for health and care systems that are designed to bring services closer together, to support the delivery of high-quality care and to help tackle health inequalities.

Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will bring together the NHS local government and partners, and specific measures are expected to address obesity, oral health and patient choice. The proposals will also use lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the value of reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, introducing ‘joined up’ services and empowering local leaders.

Read more, including commentary from PSNC’s CEO

Urgent – Last chance to contribute to PSNC Pharmacy Audit 2021

Community pharmacy contractors and their teams were recently requested to take part in a second PSNC Pharmacy Advice Audit.

To improve the submission results, there has been an extension until the end of the week, COP Friday 12th February 2021, to capture data and provide submissions  from outstanding pharmacies.

The data from this audit provides factual evidence to support PSNC in negotiations, allowing them to quantify how many unfunded GP referrals are taking place, and give more information on the impacts of COVID-19 on pharmacy teams. It would be highly appreciated and we encourage all the pharmacy teams to participate in this audit and submit their contribution to PSNC.

20 Consultation entries are required as a minimum over one day. There four full working days from now until close of play on Friday during which time from one working days consultation, 20 are to be recorded on the audit template and uploaded on to Pharmoutcomes.

Following the online entry of the 20 consultations, please remember to complete the Overview as well. A successfully completed audit entails 20 consultations plus the overview to be submitted on PharmOutcomes.

We look forward to your support with the audit. For more information on how to complete your submission for the Pharmacy Audit, click here to view the PSNC website.

DHSC survey on PPE supplies

Please see the following from NHSE’s Primary Care Bulletin:

DHSC is seeking views from those who purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) which is in addition to the PPE which they are obtaining free of charge from the DHSC PPE portal. This will help the portal team to understand what PPE needs are not being met through the current PPE delivery arrangements. The short survey is open until Sunday 14 February and takes just a couple of minutes to complete.

Supply issue with fluoxetine 40mg capsules, acetazolamide SR 250mg capsules, midazolam 10mg/2ml injection and levothyroxine 12.5mcg tablets

***Sent on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care***

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached Medicine Supply Notifications for:

  • A Tier 2 medicines supply notification for fluoxetine 40mg capsules
  • A Tier 2 medicines supply notification for acetazolamide SR 250mg capsules
  • A Tier 2 medicines supply notification for levothyroxine 12.5mcg tablets
  • A Tier 2 medicines supply notification for midazolam 10mg/2ml injection

The table below provides a summary of the attached MSNs:

Medicine Out of stock until Alternatives
Fluoxetine 40mg capsules End of March 2021 SSP in place. Fluoxetine 20mg capsules remain available.
Acetazolamide SR 250mg capsules May 2021 Acetazolamide 250mg tablets remain available.
Levothyroxine 12.5mcg tablets Early March 2021 SSP in place. Levothyroxine 25mcg tablets remain available.  
Midazolam 10mg/2ml injection Limited supplies until April 2021 See MSN for further details

Please be aware this communication is also being circulated separately to all GP Practices in England.

Please note that for supply issues that have been categorised as tier 1 or 2, DHSC and the MSRG have requested that the NHSE&I commissioning routes are used to reach community pharmacy and GP practices. More serious supply issues are communicated via the Central Alerting System for action.

If you have any queries please contact:

Please note, if the enquiry relates to any changes (additions or removals) to the mailing list and you are enquiring from:

  • a community pharmacy, please contact the Pharmacy Contract Manager at the NHSE&I regional team
  • a CCG, please contact your NHSE&I regional office.

Many thanks for your assistance with this important issue.

Kind regards,

Department of Health and Social Care

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