Friday Letter 20/11/2020

Friday 20th November 2020

November 2020 Price Concessions

The update list of Price Concessions for November 2020 has been granted.

Click here to view on the PSNC website

AccuRx registration guidance

Following our recent webinar, support for registering with the AccuRx pilot is available on the LPC website. This includes a recorded demonstration, guidance materials and FAQs.

If you have any queries on using AccuRx or are having problems signing up, please contact the LPC Office.

AccuRx webpage:

Example FAQs:

What is the cost of AccuRx to pharmacy?

The AccuRX platform is currently free, and the LPC have an agreement that this will remain the case until March 2021, after which there is a cost for access and use of the platform. The LPC have made it crystal clear to AccuRX that NEL community pharmacy contractors are not in a position to cover the costs post March 2021 and that unless system can agree to support funding, those contractors who have already registered will be forced to un-register. In order ensure the sustainability of the use of AccuRX within community pharmacy, the LPC will be working jointly with AccuRX on a funding proposal to go to the STP SMG who make the commissioning decisions

Can the system be used for Video consultations?

Video consultation is active as soon as you register with your personal email address.

NEL LPC COVID Mailbox and Guidance

With the ongoing second national lockdown, please be reminded of the NEL LPC’s COVID-19 Mailbox to support COVID specific issues and queries:

In addition, the NEL LPC is updating their guidance webpage. This is to include links to all relevant documentation, advice and an FAQs section.

COVID-19 messaging resources available for community pharmacies

NHSE&I Published the following in their recent Primary Care Bulletin:

Community pharmacies are being encouraged to use the NHS patient-facing communications assets which have been produced to support pharmacy teams during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources include images for use on in-pharmacy digital screens, websites and social media channels, and some key messages. These include: ‘safe distancing’, ‘please treat staff with respect’ and ‘order your usual quantities’ messages

Flu vaccination messaging resources available

Support for flu related enquiries are available below from NHSE&I and Public Health England:

To help answer questions you may be getting on flu vaccine availability, Public Health England has created a new two page leaflet. It explains there is enough vaccine available for all eligible groups and why, if a person is eligible, they may be asked to wait for their vaccine. Assets to support the flu vaccination campaign are still available to download on the Campaign Resource Centre.

Post to Wellington House

Your Local NHS London Region Team have sent the following information on sending post through to wellington house, as staff are currently working from home due to pandemic guidance:

Dear Provider,

The team are currently receiving a large amount of post at Wellington House. Please be advised that due to government guidance the team continue to work from home for some time.

Where possible all correspondence should be scanned and sent to the generic email address. Any post sent to Wellington House may not be actioned and result in an unnecessary delay.

The team are currently prioritising COVID-19 related work and will respond back to your e-mail as soon as possible.

Many thanks

NHS England (London Region)

Dental, Optometry & Pharmacy Services

Wellington House I 133-155 Waterloo Road I London I SE1 8UG

Dental enquiries: Optometry enquiries:  Pharmacy enquiries:

Update on FMD for contractors

Please see the following FMD update from PSNC:

The UK FMD Working Group for Community Pharmacy has issued an update for pharmacy contractors across the UK.

Now that the UK has left the EU and the Transition Period ends on 31st December 2020, some regulatory requirements will no longer apply. However, certain EU legislation will continue to have effect in Northern Ireland under the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The ‘safety features’ elements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD, 2011/62/EU) and Delegated Regulation (2016/161) cease to have effect in Great Britain from 31st December 2020. This means that pharmacies in England will no longer be required by law to verify and decommission unique identifiers on prescription medicine packs. End users in Great Britain will also be disconnected automatically from the UK National Medicines Verification System (UKMVS) run by SecurMed UK from 1st January 2021.

The Medicines and Medical Devices Bill (progressing through Parliament) would enable the Government to make regulations aimed at preventing falsified medicines from entering the medicine supply chain. This could include establishing a national system based on the unique identification of individual packs. However, the Government will have to consult with industry stakeholders, including pharmacy organisations, before introducing any new Regulations.Learn more about these developments

PSNC Explainer Articles

The PSNC have published further explainer articles to support Community Pharmacy. Please look through the regs explainer articles below, familiarise yourself with the content and take action as required.

Regs explainer (#1): Access to SCR
From 9th November 2020, pharmacy contractors must ensure that staff working at their pharmacy can access NHS Summary Care Records (SCR) and that access is consistent and reliable during the pharmacy’s opening hours, in so far as that is within the control of the contractor. Learn more in the explainer article.

Regs explainer (#2): Updating NHS website profiles
From 9th November 2020, contractors must ensure there is a comprehensive and accurate profile for their pharmacy on the NHS website. Contractors must also ensure they verify and, where necessary, update the information contained in the profile at least once in each quarter of the financial year. Learn more in the explainer article.

Regs explainer (#3): NHSmail
From 9th November 2020, pharmacy contractors must have a premises specific NHSmail account and there must be at least two members of staff that have live personal NHSmail accounts that are linked to the premises specific NHSmail account.
Learn more about the NHSmail requirements.

Regs explainer (#4): Updating DoS profiles
From 9th November 2020, contractors must ensure they verify and, where necessary, update the information contained in their pharmacy’s Directory of Services (DoS) profile at least once in each quarter of the financial year.
Learn more about the DoS profile requirements.

Regs explainer (#5): Health campaigns
Public health campaigns will now be described as health campaigns and, from 9th November 2020, NHSE&I can ask for additional information about the campaign to help evaluate its impact and to assist with future policy development.
Learn more about the health campaign requirements.

Regs explainer (#6): EPS access
From 9th November 2020, contractors must ensure their staff have constant and reliable access to the EPS at their pharmacy premises, in so far as that is within their control. Where unable to access the EPS to dispense an EPS prescription, the contractor must take reasonable steps to ensure supply is made in a reasonable timescale.
Learn more about the EPS access requirements.

Regs explainer (#7): Pandemic Treatment Protocols
From 9th November 2020, contractors must supply a Prescription Only Medicine (POM) to a person in accordance with a Pandemic Treatment Protocol (PTP), if and when one is issued, subject to the requirements of the PTP.
Learn more about PTPs

Regs explainer (#8): Flexible provision of flu or coronavirus vaccinations
From 9th November 2020, during a pandemic or in anticipation of a pandemic, a contractor may apply to NHSE&I to provide a relevant immunisation service from their pharmacy premises for a specified period and no other NHS pharmacy services.
Learn more about flexible vaccination provision

Regs explainer (#9): CAS alert sign-up
From 9th November 2020, contractors will be required to register their pharmacy’s shared NHSmail account to receive Central Alerting System (CAS) alerts direct from the MHRA.
Learn more about the CAS requirement

Regs explainer (#11): NHSE&I inspections and access to electronic information
Pharmacy contractors must now, on request, send to NHSE&I any information in electronic form which they would have access to when undertaking a contract monitoring visit and consequently, completion of the Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) becomes part of the terms of service.
Learn more about giving NHSE&I access to information

Regs explainer (#12): Facilitating remote access to pharmacy services
Contractors must facilitate remote access to their services to a reasonable extent, where patients wish to access these services in that way.
Learn more about facilitating remote access

Regs explainer (#13): HLP requirements
From 1st January 2021, the Healthy Living Pharmacy Level 1 (HLP) requirements will become a new Terms of Service requirement for all pharmacies. Note there have been some changes to these, particularly in relation to how they will apply to Distance Selling Pharmacies.
Learn more about the HLP requirements

Regs explainer (#14): Consultation rooms and remote consultations
From 1st January 2021, almost all pharmacies will need to have a consultation room. Distance Selling Pharmacies must ensure that there are arrangements in place at the pharmacy which enable staff and patients to communicate confidentially by telephone or another live audio link and a live video link.
Learn more about the consultation room requirements

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