Friday Letter 04/09/2020

Friday 4th September 2020

August 2020 Price Concessions – Final Update

The final update to the August 2020 price concessions has been granted.

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Jext® reimbursement due to recent price changes

For August 2020, ‘Adrenaline 150micrograms/0.15ml (1 in 1000) solution for injection pre-filled disposable devices’ was granted a price concession of £34.30 per device.

PSNC requested DHSC reimburse all branded prescriptions for Jext® at the same price in August, their request has been granted.

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SSP05 and SSP06 Extensions

SSP05 for Fluoxetine 10mg tablets has been further extended to 31st March 2021.

SSP06 for Fluoxetine 40mg capsules has been further extended to 25th September 2020.

Please ensure you are familiar with the current SSP before supplying the alternative product, and ensure your pharmacy team is aware of the changes.

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NEL LPC Care Home Survey 2020

The LPC have published a Care Home Survey, consisting of a few short questions which should take no longer than a few moments to complete. The deadline for submission is 9:00am on Thursday 10th September, please read through the following for more information and kindly submit your contributions.

Why are you being asked to complete this short survey? (should take less than 10mins)

The issue of delivering effective care in care homes has become a focus of local and national concern, particularly given the impact of COVID. The Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) model has been proposed in the NHS LTP (2019) as a move towards proactive care that is centred on the needs of individual residents, their families and care home staff. Such care can only be achieved through a whole-system, collaborative approach, and this DES contract provides an opportunity for community pharmacy to engage with PCNs in this collaboration.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Full Part 2 PQS details published – PSNC Update

Please see the following update from PSNC regarding PQS Part 2:

Following PSNC’s publication of initial details on the Part 2 Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) for 2020/21 in early August, the full details are now available to pharmacy contractors in the September 2020 Drug Tariff.

Key points for the Part 2 scheme are as follows:

  • Formally commences on 1st October 2020, but contractors can start work sooner;
  • Completion of the Part 1 scheme is a Gateway requirement;
  • There are five domains, each with its own component criteria to achieve;
  • An Aspiration payment can be claimed from next month;
  • The Part 2 Declaration is due in February 2021;
  • A new approach to allocating the funding is being introduced (see below).

Learn more about Part 2 PQS

Registration for the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme is now live

NHSE&I have published the following in their primary care bulletin:

Registration is open for the Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme (IFPP) and the course begins from September 2020. Provisionally registered pharmacists should sign up to the Health Education England (HEE) dedicated IFPP web page. This includes a flowchart outlining the eligibility criteria and process, and the registration form. HEE is updating its FAQs regularly.

The Centre for Postgraduate Pharmacy Education will deliver the IFPP for provisionally registered pharmacists who work in community pharmacy. Find out more on the CPPE website. The new RPS E-portfolio for provisional registrants is also live, and funded for the 12-month duration of the programme.

To request the weekly email updates or submit your questions, please contact

Public Facing Flu Vaccination Campaign Webinar

Please see the following message from the PHE campaigns teams:

This year’s flu campaign is the biggest one yet, with an increase in eligibility and increasing targets for those eligible to get the vaccination. With the threat of Covid-19 this winter it is more important than ever to make sure those who are most vulnerable are protected from the flu. Therefore, please join us for this year’s public facing Flu Vaccination campaign webinar. The webinar will take place on:
Date: Thursday 10th September
Time: 2pm – 3pm
The 2020 Flu Vaccination campaign builds on the success of last year’s campaign and draws on feedback provided in last year’s evaluation. It will also touch upon changes which have been introduced to this year’s campaign in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, including an increased target audience.

The webinar will explain the marketing activity due to run nationally and the materials that will be available for you to encourage uptake of flu vaccinations amongst those in eligible groups. (Please note the webinar will not feature information about the administration of the 2020/21 flu vaccination programme).

PSNC – Advanced services: changes to consent and other rules

PSNC have published the following in their recent bulletin regarding changes to consent requirements and other rules. Please read through in full, update your colleagues and take the necessary action in your pharmacy:

From this month, it is no longer a contractual requirement that written consent is obtained from patients prior to the provision of the Flu Vaccination Service, Medicines Use Reviews (MUR), the New Medicine Service (NMS) and Appliance Use Reviews (AUR).

Instead, for these services, verbal consent can be obtained and a record of that made in the pharmacy’s clinical record for the service. These changes were agreed by the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I), following a proposal to move to a verbal consent model made by PSNC.

Additionally, all MUR, NMS and AUR consultations may now be provided by phone or video consultation, without the contractor having to seek prior approval from NHSE&I. This should only happen where it is clinically appropriate to do so, and in circumstances where the conversation cannot be overheard by others (except by someone whom the patient wants to hear the conversation, for example a carer).

Read more about the Advanced service changes

#AskAboutAsthma – sign up now

Please read though the following information from Healthy London Partnership regarding the upcoming #AskAboutAsthma campaign:

#AskAboutAsthma week is fast approaching and we wanted to remind you to sign up to our exciting webinars and online conference.

Role of pharmacy for CYP asthma during Covid (Monday 14 September 7:30-8:15pm):

This webinar is primarily for pharmacists and colleagues who work in a pharmacy setting and will focus on how to support CYP. You will hear from experts on the impacts of the pandemic on children and young people’s asthma in pharmacy and recovery techniques, and from pharmacists about the actions they have been taking during these uncertain times. It will be chaired by Raj Matharu, Chief Officer of Lewisham, Southwark & Lambeth and Bexley, Bromley & Greenwich Local Pharmaceutical Committee and Pharmacist. For further information and to register:

Supporting the older child: transition to adult care and the relationship between anxiety and asthma (Tuesday 15 September: 12.30–13.30): 

This webinar is for local system leaders and health care professionals and will focus on responding to children and young people’s asthma needs as they transition to adult services as well as the impact and interrelationship between anxiety and asthma. We will hear from Sam Prigmore, Nurse consultant at St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust and Fran Beresford, Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Brompton Hospital.
For further information and to register:

#AskAboutAsthma in the time of Covid (Wednesday 16 September 9 am– 1.30pm)

This online conference will bring you all the latest updates and information you need to help you support your young patients. Keeping children’s asthma under control is particularly important this year due to the coronavirus and any potential second wave. The agenda will include:

  • A clinical update and launch of the revised London Asthma Standards
  • Innovations developed and learning from the pandemic from across London
  • A nurse-led session on ‘Back to school and Covid’
  • An update from the national team

For further information and to register:

How specialist nurses can support 3 asks and improve asthma care across the system (Thursday 17 September: 12.30–13.30): 

The webinar will highlight the learning around innovations in CYP asthma care and services; nursing teams will share their knowledge and experiences developing responses to support CYP which improve service provision and delivery. The positive practices shared are opportunities for teams across London to develop best case scenarios to improve the outcomes of children and young people with asthma in the capital. For further information and to register:

Why is good primary care essential for CYP asthma (Friday 18 September: 12.30–13.30): 

This webinar will highlight the importance of primary and community care for children and young people with asthma. It will be a forum for healthcare professionals in primary and community care to develop high quality positive practices to support children and young people. It will be chaired by Oliver Anglin, GP and clinical lead for North London Children and Young People’s workstream. For further information and to register:

Please feel free to distribute this to colleagues and we look forward to seeing you at some of our virtual events. Please look out for podcasts and blogs that will be published during the week #AskAboutAsthma.

Kind regards

Georgie, Christine and Sara

Children and Young People

Healthy London Partnership

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