Friday Letter 19/06/2020

Friday 19th June 2020

Contractor Representation review – Findings published

The findings of Professor Wright and his team following their independent pharmacy representation review have been published.

33 recommendations have been made, PSNC have summarised the key points as follows:

  • Improving engagement with and reflection of the views of contractors at both national and local levels.
  • The need for a shared external governance framework for both LPCs and PSNC to operate under: this would include enhanced codes of conduct, published KPIs, expectations around transparency, as well as limiting the tenure period for all committee members. The representation network should stop relying on the goodwill of individuals, but must demonstrate value for money.
  • The creation of an independent Governance and Strategy Board responsible for oversight of all national and local representative bodies (i.e. PSNC and LPCs). This board should also approve funding for PSNC and LPCs, with levies in future paid directly to both organisations and funding for PSNC increased to give it sufficient resource to carry out its functions.
  • The need to improve the links between local and national representation. This should include the replacement of the current elected PSNC Committee with a new Council of LPC Chairs, who are able to vote on major national decisions and negotiations.
  • Recommending that some LPCs merge so that no LPC represents fewer than 200 contractors – ensuring better value for money.
  • The need to operate under modern names that help to improve community pharmacy’s image nationally: it is recommended that PSNC becomes Community Pharmacy England and that all LPCs adopt a new naming format of ‘Community Pharmacy [locality]’.
  • Inclusion of patient and public voices in representation work.
  • More support functions, such as human resources, to be centralised, and an effective network of LPC Chief Officers set up to enable better sharing of good practice.

The full report is available at .

Following this, the PSNC will be holding a webinar for contractors with Professor Wright to discuss his findings in more detail. The webinar will be held on Monday 29th June,

Click here for more information and registration on the PSNC website

June 2020 Price Concessions update

An updated list of price concessions for June 2020 have been granted.

Click here to view the latest list

Please also be reminded of the re-determination of Ranitidine 150mg tablets for the May 2020 Price Concession

Initially there was no price concession DHSC has since re-determined a price concession for Ranitidine 150mg tablets (60 tablets) £7.32. This is for May 2020 price concessions only.

Secretary of State visit and thank you to Community Pharmacy

Earlier this week the Rt Hon Matt Hancock visited Market Chemist in London. During this visit, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care acknowledged and extended his thanks to Community Pharmacy teams for their considerable efforts and support for their communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, said:

“Pharmacists have been at the forefront of supporting people through this pandemic, and I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of them for supporting this country and their local community.

“Traditional face-to-face services really matter and, combined with embracing technology and innovation, they have been central to how pharmacies have continued to serve their communities. In doing so, they have kept people safe and well.”

For more information, please see the PSNC website

Reminder: Last change to claim bank holiday payment – 8th May 2020

The window for claiming payment for opening on the Early May Bank Holiday (Friday 8th May) will close on Monday 22nd June 2020.Contractors must submit their claim for the £250 per hour payment using the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal

This payment will not appear on FP34 Schedule of Payment, NHSBSA will provide confirmation of payment via individual contractor letters.

Payment is expected to be made 1st July 2020.

Dexamethasone – cannot be parallel exported from the UK

From 16th June 2020, two additional formulations of Dexamethasone (oral solution and solution for injection (all strengths)) are no longer able to be parallel exported from the UK. These formulations are now included in the list of medicines that you cannot export from the UK or hoard from DHSC and MHRA.

Click here for the current full list of medicines that cannot be parallel exported from the UK on the GOV.UK website

PSNC Social distancing risk assessment template – Version 2

PSNC has published an update to their recent risk assessment template for social distancing measures in Community Pharmacy.

Please consider the latest version of this template to assess whether any changes in your pharmacy environment may be required to allow adequate social distancing.

Download the risk assessment template

Pandemic Delivery Service Survey – NEL LPC

During the pandemic, the provision of a delivery service to the vulnerable and shielded has been an essential ask from the Community Pharmacy sector. There are a number of challenges that some colleagues faced in establishing this service.

As an LPC it is crucial that the issues or circumstances faced are acknowledged by the system hence it is essential that you complete the survey and return.

Appreciate your co-operation.


PHE Campaign Materials for Public use of face masks/covering

From Monday 15th June, anyone using public transport must wear a face mask or covering. The government has developed campaign materials to support this change which you may wish to use in your pharmacy. In addition to face coverings, other campaign materials support shopping, outdoor guidance and a reiteration of the importance of handwashing as well as other key messages. 

All of these marketing materials are available on PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre.

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