Friday Letter 05/06/2020

Friday 5th June 2020

Reminder: Extension of SSP

Extension of SSP for Fluoxetine 10mg

Please be reminded that the SSP for Fluoxetine 10mg has been extended. The following is sent on behalf of DHSC.

Due to ongoing supply issues, the Serious Shortage Protocol for fluoxetine 10mg tablets which was introduced on 12 March 2020, is being extended to Friday 11 September 2020.

(This SSP was previously due to end on 12 June 2020)

If you have any questions regarding the SSPs please contact the NHS Prescription Service:


Telephone: 0300 330 1349

Textphone: 18001 0300 330 1349

To access the latest information about SSPs (including supporting guidance), please visit the following link –

Price Concessions May 2020

There has been an update to the Price Concessions for May 2020, click here for the latest list.

NHSE Bulletin – PPE Update

The following update has been confirmed in the latest NHS Primary Care Bulletin:

PPE update for community pharmacy

There have been sales of Type IIR face masks to community pharmacy wholesalers over the past two weeks. We understand that pharmacy wholesalers now have adequate supplies for pharmacy teams to access supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and this remains the most effective route for supplies to community pharmacies. If PPE cannot be accessed via this route it remains the case that pharmacies should contact the Local Resilience Forum and if they cannot help contact the national supply disruption service. We are currently developing a new online system so that pharmacies can report any problems they are having accessing PPE, and this will support future allocations.

Supporting NHS Track and Trace for COVID-19

PHE have published campaign materials to support the use of the COVID-19 track and trace app, which aims to reduce the spread of coronavirus and save lives.

Materials are now available on the Campaign Resource Centre.

NHS ‘Open for business’ primary care materials

Updates 29th May 2020, NHS England have published ‘Open for business’ communication materials to promote the message that the NHS is there for people and their families.

Materials are available at the PHE coronavirus resource page:

Additional measures to reduce coronavirus spread – NHS England

The following additional guidance on social distancing, hand washing and the use of PPE is being widely promoted to health care professionals and their teams at all levels as part of a drive to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus among NHS Staff.

RPS Working in care homes COVID-19 Training resource

RPS have published a new training resource to support pharmacy teams deployed in care home settings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Access to this resource is free , through registering or using RPS membership details.

Click here to access on the RPS website

Keeping profiles up to date to support patient access

Please see the following guidance on measures designed to avoid patient access issues and are necessary for effective and appropriate referral to Community Pharmacies

DoS Profile Updater:

DoS capacity status tool:

Heatwave Plan for England – GOV.UK

Heatwave Plan for England has not changed for Summer 2020, although additional measures may be required in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Click here for guidance on GOV.UK website

The Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) and College of General Dentistry have launched guidelines, Implications of COVID-19 for the safe management of general dental practice – a practical guide

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