Friday letter 07/05/2020

Friday 7th May 2020

High Street Heros – Local pharmacy featured in article

Sinclairs Pharmacy on Roman Road has been featured in a local magazine, recognising their hard work in response to the Coronavirus crisis

Claims for Pandemic Delivery Service

Community pharmacy contractors are now able to claim payment for the Pandemic Delivery Service on the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal via the Home Delivery Advanced Service link.

Contractors must submit their claims for payment monthly via the MYS platform no later than the 5th of the following month. The payments will be separately itemised on the FP34 Schedule of Payments.

Reminder: Bank Holidays – Update your profiles!

On the upcoming bank holiday, Friday 8th May, all pharmacies are expected to open between 2 – 5pm, at a rate of £250 an hour.

All pharmacies, whether you are opening 2 -5pm, for longer or not at all due to exception circumstances, you MUST update both the DoS and your NHS profile to reflect this. These may be checked to validate payment and will not automatically update.

In addition, an amended rota for both May bank Holidays is below:

Pharmacies and Domestic Abuse

Pharmacies are being asked to consider providing a safe space for victims of domestic abuse, as part of the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign run by Hestia, a national charity. Pharmacies are asked to display posters and where appropriate make their consultation rooms available as safe spaces where victims of domestic abuse can contact specialist domestic abuse services for support and advice.

The initiative is being supported by the General Pharmaceutical Council and Royal Pharmaceutical Society. For more information about how pharmacies can become a Safe Space, visit:

New legislation relating to controlled drugs

Please be reminded of the following temporary, emergency measures regarding CDs, from NHSE&I:

Three temporary emergency measures have been introduced by the UK Government into legislation [The Misuse of Drugs (Coronavirus) (Amendments Relating to the Supply of Controlled Drugs During a Pandemic etc.) Regulations 2020]. Please be aware that these new measures WILL NOT come into use now. These temporary measures would only potentially be used in limited circumstances in a particular area following an announcement by the Secretary of State if there were severe disruptions to the supply of repeat prescriptions of controlled drugs for patients. A further update is available on the GPhC website.

Update: April 2020 price concessions

An updated list of price concessions for April 2020 has been granted.

Click here to view

Tools from Met Police to support pharmacy

Nationally the Police have drafted a number of tools to support pharmacies and help prevent crime:

  • A crime prevention poster and booklet,
  • A contact flyer for pharmacies, and
  • A letter from the Metropolitan Police (which has previously been circulated that includes the contact details for the lead Controlled Drugs Liaison)

Click the following links to view:

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