Stay Well This Winter – Help us Help you campaign

This campaign is mandatory for pharmacies.

The Stay Well this winter, a help us help you campaign will run from Monday 11th November 2019 up to Tuesday 31st December 2019.

This is the fifth of the six mandatory, national pharmacy campaigns for 2019/2020, agreed by NHS England and Public Health England as part of your Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF).

This campaign aims to support patients stay well by preparing for the winter months, emphasising the risk of the flu virus and the threat it poses for at risk patients.

The campaign will also be running on TV, online and social media, and on billboards.

Mandatory Campaign Materials

The following PHE campaign materials are mandatory for all pharmacies to display throughout this campaign:

  • A5 Stay Well This Winter leaflets (plus countertop dispenser, which can be used by contractors if they wish);
  • A4 Flu poster aimed at at-risk groups; and
  • A4 Flu poster aimed at pregnant women.

However, each pharmacy will have also received additional campaign materials, to which the LPC encourages all pharmacies to display.

Additional materials include

Help Us Help You – Before It Gets Worse/Know What To Do:

  • Help Us Help You Treat Your Infection – Respiratory Tract Infection pad;
  • NHS 111 – A4 posters; and
  • Winter preparedness – A4 posters.

Prescription Exemption Checking ‘Check Before You Tick’:

  • Poster;
  • Leaflets/ ring bound booklet;
  • Wobblers; and
  • Strut card.

Pharmacy Audit for campaign

All Pharmacies must also complete an Audit to evidence their participation, please read through the following update in full and see the audit form below.

Participation is MANDATORY– please ensure you fully understand what is expected of you throughout the campaign and brief your pharmacy team.

If you have any campaign queries, please contact

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