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In relation to your core contract (CPCF), the responsibility remains with PSNC. The LPC makes every effort to improve support at a local level for all pharmacy contractors. In the past year, we have organised events to support you delivering quality payments scheme. There is now a new pharmacy contract agreed by PSNC and the DPH and there will be local training provided.

GP practices are formed into primary care networks. Your LPC is very busy making representations on behalf of pharmacies to the local CCGs, who are very engaging.

There will be significant new opportunities to work with the GPs and local hospitals

It is clear that knowledge of clinical pharmacy would be needed to provide NHS services.

The LPC has formed a clinical army and appointed their workforce development leads.

There would be a need for training your staff members including your technicians and counter assistants.

The government has set the long terms conditions and provision of urgent care service as a priority for Community Pharmacy, this means that whole of the community pharmacy team would need to be informed about the developments.

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In community pharmacy, pharmacist owners, employees pharmacists and locums will need to work much more closely and interdependently than ever before.

With the significant change in the contract, running of the pharmacy, administration, planning, and workforce development would need to change rapidly to take advantage of the changes and in maintaining a competitive edge.

In addition to that, the businesses will need to be managed much more professionally then ever before.

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