Vaccinations 2019/20

Flu Vaccination Service 2019/20 : Changes and information

Please note the important changes and information for this year’s vaccination scheme.

  • Begins 1st September 2019
  • Total payment £9.58, made up of £8.08 per administered dose plus £1.50 per vaccination
  • Notifications can no longer be sent to GPs by fax
  • The patient questionnaire will not be in use for this years vaccination scheme.
  • MYS (Manage your system) must be used for payment claims
  • No registration or de-registration is required for the 2019/20 National flu service but registration IS REQUIRED on Sonar for the London service

National flu programme letters 2019/20

Published March 2019.

Please familiarise yourself and your staff with the NHSE Letter, outlining this winter’s eligable patient cohorts and which vaccinations to use.

Vaccination Service 2019/20 – Vaccines

Guidance includes the following:

  • Standard Trivalent vaccines (TIV) are NOT to be used in this season
  • Quadrivalent inactivated vaccine (QIVe) is recommended for use for 18-64s in at risk groups
  • adjuvanted trivalent inactivated vaccine (aTIV) is recommended for use for over 65’s
  • In addition, the cell-based quadrivalent vaccine, QIVc, (suitable for 18 to 64 years and  65 years+) has been deemed suitable for the vaccination service 2019/2020. Flucelvax® Tetra, is now licensed for use and contractors can consider ordering this for 2019/20 Flu Vaccination Service.
  • The high dose trivalent vaccine (TIV-HD) (suitable for 65 years and over) will NOT be commissioned by NHSE due to the high sale price. Although licensed , you are advised NOT to purchase this product for the Advanced flu service as [highlight]it will not be reimbursed.[/highlight]

Please read the joint letter from November 2018 ALONGSIDE the updated guidance for accurate information, as some details have not changes.

Click here for the full letter (November 2018)

Click here for updated guidance documents

For more information, including details on vaccines for children under 18, please refer to the Letter from NHSE, DPH & PHE.

Please also see the Vaccine decision tree from PSNC for support with choosing the right vaccination.


All Pharmacies wishing to provide the London Vaccination services in 2019/20 must register their interest.

London Pharmacy Vaccination Service

Registration is open on Sonar:

National Flu Vaccination Service

No registration is required for this years services. However, you must sign up with the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal to claim payment


London Vaccination Service (Flu and PPV)

National Vaccination Service 2019/20

The patient questionnaire will not be in use for this years vaccination scheme.

Additional documents and guidance

Drug Tariff – Amended Directions for the Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service (CPSIVAS)

PSNC Vaccination Briefing – Please read this in FULL, alongside the service specification and PGD, before beginning this years service.

PSNC Flu Vaccination Servce 2019/20 Checklist

PSNC Eligible patient group fact sheet

PSNC webinar recording

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