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June Campaigns

Monday 13th May – Thursday 13th June 2019

Pharmacy Mandatory Campaign continues: Children’s Oral Health Campaign ends 13th June

The month-long mandatory, national pharmacy campaigns, second of the six for 2019/2020, will continue until 13th June 2019.

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1st June 2019 – 30th June 2019

Scleroderma Awareness week 2019

A month to raise awareness for Scleroderma, a condition that effects over 19000 people in the UK.

For more information and how to get involved, please see the Scleroderma & Raynauds UK website

Monday 10th June – Sunday 16th June 2019

Carers week

A week to support Carers, this years campaign is entitled ‘Getting Carers Connected’ aiming to focus on getting Carers more involved in their communiy and reducing the common isolation of unpaid carers.

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Monday 10th June – Friday 14th June 2019

BNF Healthy Eating Week

A week from the British Nutritional Foundation to encourage Healthy Eating. There are several ways to get involved, materials and more information is available on the BNF website.

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Monday 10th June – Sunday 16th June 2019

Diabetes Week 2019

Diabetes week will this year run from 10th to the 16th June, aiming to raise awareness of factual and important information on diabetes. This years tagline is #SeeDiabetesDifferently

There are many ways to get involved and support this campaign week, click here for more information

During Diabetes week, the LPC is holding a diabetes event for pharmacies on 13th June, click here for more information

Monday 10th June – Sunday 16th June 2019

Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2019

A week from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, raising awareness of the importance of attending Cervical Cancer Screenings.

During this week, Jo’s Trust will

  • Release new research 
  • Tell new stories 
  • Share information 
  • Support women during and after a diagnosis

There are several ways to get involved, including:

  • Order a free information pack full of everything you need to create a display or information stand,
  • Download their Cervical Screening Awareness Week poster and display in the pharmacy
  • Organise a fundraising event to help Jo’s to continue their great work.

Click here to find out more

Monday 10th June – Sunday 16th June 2019

Men’s Health Week 2019

This years campaign is entitles Men’s health by numbers.

During this week, the men’s health forum will consider the key numbers that men need to know about their own health and the statistics that policy-makers need to know, including the impact of inequality and deprivation on men’s health.

You can support this with free materials, provided by the Men’s Health Forum, to raise awareness of the charity and by fundraising to support them continue their important work.

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14th June 2019

World Blood Donor Day

From the World Health Organisation, a day to raise awareness of the life-saving work that is enabled by blood donation and to encourage more people to give blood as, despite the number of volunteer blood donors already giving blood, more must be done to meet the need globally.

Click here for more information.

Monday 17th June – Monday 24th June 2019

Love your lungs week

A week from the British Lung Foundation to raise awareness of lung health and conditions. This years campaign encourages patients to check their lung health initially using the online breath test and consider seeing a doctor if they have symptoms such as shortness of breath, or concerns about their lung health.

Click here for more information and how to get involved.

Thursday 20th June 2019

Clean Air Day

A day to raise awareness of air pollution , the effects it is having on the health of the population and information on how to contribute to cleaner air in your local community.

For more information click here

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