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May campaigns

Monday 13th May – Thursday 13th June 2019

National, Mandatory Pharmacy Campaign: Children’s Oral Health

The second of this years mandatory pharmacy campaigns focusing on raising awareness of the importance of Children’s Oral Health, this is a month long campaign and participation is mandatory for all community pharmacies.

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Month Campaign 1st May – 31st May 2019

National Walking Month

Marking their 90th anniversary with #NINE90, Living Streets are again running a campaign throughout May to encourage people to walk more, no matter their age, to improve their health.

This year also encourages people to add 20 minutes to their walking everyday with Living Street’s #try20 tips, this month also includes walk to work and school weeks.

Click here for more information, campaign materials and support.

Monthly campaign- 1st May – 31st May 2019

Make May Purple

From the stroke association, asking the public to turn their planned May event into fundraisers, or hold a fundraiser at work/school/with friends, whereby attendees wear purple in order to support Stroke Association and those they help.

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6th May – 12th May 2019

Deaf Awareness Week 2019

A week to raise awareness of the impact deafness has on the lives of those that are affected by deafness and hearing loss. From the UK Council of Deafness, this year’s campaign is ‘Celebrating Role Models’.

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6th May – 12th May 2019

Red Cross Week

A week encouraging volunteers to support the charity by holding charity buckets for the Red Cross in their local communities.

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Friday 10th May 2019

World Lupus Day

An observance day to inform people about Lupus, the life changing impact it has on sufferers and the support and health that is available as well as fundraising opportunities to get involved in.

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13th May – 19th May 2019

Mental Health Awareness Week

From the Mental Health Foundation, a week to raise awareness of mental health and to encourage working towards good mental health for all. This year’s campaign is focusing on Body Image.

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Tuesday 14th May – Tuesday 21st May 2019

Arthritis Care Awareness Week

20th May – 26th May 2019

A week from Arthritis care to raise awareness of the effects of
Arthritis, improve public understanding of the condition, gather support and fund raise for the work that Arthritis Care do to support sufferers and their loved ones.

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Action for Brain Injury Campaign: Brain Drain, Wake up to Fatigue!

Raising awareness of the debilitating fatigue that many suffer with as a result of brain injury.

This week long campaign is from Headway, the Brain Injury Association.

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20th May – 26th May 2019

National Epilepsy Week

From Young Epilepsy, week to raise awareness and support those suffering epilepsy as well as a time to encourage fundraising events for epilepsy support services.

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20th May – 26th May 2019

Dementia Action Week

From the Alzheimer’s Society, a week to widen public awareness on the signs of dementia and how to support a sufferer. This week helps to fund raise for the important, life altering work that Alzheimer’s Society do.

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22nd May 2019

World Preeclampsia Day

A day to raise awareness of the condition and how to spot the symptoms during pregnancy, encouraging women to be aware of the signs and support early detection for the safety of both mother and baby.

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