Children’s Oral Health Campaign

This is the second of the six mandatory, national pharmacy campaigns for 2019/2020, agreed by NHS England and Public Health England as part of your Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework.

This campaign will run from Monday 13th May until 13th June 2019, coinciding with National Smile Month.

Documents for use during the campaign

  • The May 2019 update and checklist for the Health promotion campaign
  • The Oral Health National Team letter to all Community Pharmacies
  • PHE guide to a healthy mouth .
  • The post audit form agreed by all London LPCS. This must be completed and retained in your Pharmacy as evidence of completion.

Inlucded is a London professional update,Greater London Authorities’ Health Committee’s enquiry on Children’s Oral Health, giving a recent professional overview on Children’s oral health in London.

Campaign Materials

All pharmacies will receive Colgate-Palmolive support materials at the pharmacy (expected delivery by 7th May 2019). This pack will include the a ‘Monster Teeth’ poster, leaflets, brushing charts and further campaign support materials.

If you do not receive these packs by 17th May 2019: (Ensure you include your ODS code and pharmacy address).

Alternatively to the Colgate-Palmolive branded poster, you can use PHE’s ‘Top 3 interventions for preventing tooth decay’ and ‘A quick guide to a healthy mouth in children‘ factsheet.

Before you begin the campaign…

Read the campaign letter from NHS England. You should have received a campaign letter from NHSE (click here to view), please familiarise yourself with the content and inform all pharmacy staff. Please ensure all staff are aware of what is expected of them in order to adequately participate in the mandatory campaign.

Familiarise yourself with the campaign materials both from Colgate-Palmolive and Public Health England. All patient facing staff staff should ensure they are aware of the message in PHE’s to prepare to identify and communicate with patients for this campaign.

Have the information on your local dental practices available for your staff to refer patients. For local signposting to NHS dentists  please use the NHS website and enter dentist in the search section with your Pharmacy postcode

This list is necessary for the campaign for you to share the information with patients if they are struggling to make one. As a last resort, if you and the patient are unable to successfully book the child an NHS appointment with several local dentists, call NHS England’s Customer Contact Centre on 0300 311 2233 or contact their Local Healthwatch (

For more information and support please see the PSNC website.

Participation is MANDATORY– please ensure you fully understand what is expected of you throughout the campaign and brief your pharmacy team.

If you have any campaign queries, please contact