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February 2019 Campaigns

From Monday 4th February

National Pharmacy Campaign: Help us Help You Pharmacy

A National Campaign from NHS England and PHE, promoting the use of pharmacy as a first port of call for minor illnesses.

Click here for more information

1st February 2019 – 28th February 2019 (Month long campaign)

Raynaud’s Awareness month 

This month long campaign aims to raise awareness of Raynaud’s, a lesser known condition of which many sufferers are believed to be un-diagnosed.

Raynaud’s effects extremities such as hands and feet, where small blood vessels are over sensitive. This commonly cause numbness, pain and change in color of effected area and can range from minor discomfort to severe pain and potentially ulcerations and sores.

This campaign promotes the symptoms of Raynaud’s, treatment options and support for existing patients to manage the condition.

Click here for more campaign information, how to get involved and resource materials.

Monday 4th February

World Cancer Day 2019

A day dedicated to educating members of the public on what cancer is, using knowledge and resources to teach people how to recognise symptoms, access the right care and understand what cancer actually means, as well as supporting cancer sufferers with advice and sharing experiences.

This is a global campaign day from the Union of International Cancer Control.

There are several ways to get involved, ranging from a short one minute post to displaying posters and giving advice.

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7th February 2019

Time to Talk day

A national campaign that raises awareness of the positive, life changing impacts that can be achieved as a result of talking openly about mental health – even one conversation can make a difference.

This campaign highlights the isolation and anxiety a mental health sufferer can feel, and the reluctance to discuss their condition and get the correct help.

Time to Talk day asks for participants to start an open conversation about mental health, click here for more information and materials.

25th February – 3rd March 2019

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This campaign highlights the misconceptions associated with eating disorders and those affected. A week to challenge the misinformation that is circulated and commonly believed, and the stigma attached to these beliefs.

A national campaign from Beat, promoting support for those affected by eating disorders.

Click here for more information and materials.

28th February 2019

Rare disease day

A day campaign dedicated to rare diseases, to raise public awareness of diseases that are commonly overlooked or go undiagnosed due to their rare nature, and how impactful they are on patients, particularly as many have limited treatment options and/or no cure.

Click here to view and for more information on how to get involved.

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