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Friday Letter 11/01/2019

Friday 11th January 2019

NHS Long Term Plan- Important Reading for Pharmacies

Please note this important document that will define your income and role in the primary health care teams.

We recommend colleagues read through Chapter 7: Next Steps as these are definite steps of the next stage in the NHS Long term plan. The entire chapter needs to be read and understood. We would like to highlight paragraph 7.5 in particular, the LPC has spent a lot of time taking steps to ensure Community Pharmacy is part of the Integrated Care Systems (ICS).

Please read at least the executive summary and know the outline contents of the important document that will redefine your future at work.

Pharmacy Mentions within the document:

  • Page 12, Paragraph 1.4
  • Page 14, Paragraph 1.9
  • Page 15, Paragraph 1.10
  • Page 15, Paragraph 1.12
  • Page 16, Paragraph 1.15
  • Page 19, Paragraph 1.26
  • Page 62, Paragraph 3.68
  • Page 62, Paragraph 3.69
  • Page 67, Paragraph 3.86
  • Page 82, Paragraph 4.21
  • Page 83, Paragraph 4.26
  • Page 95, Paragraph 5.21
  • Page 105, Paragraph 6.17 (iv)
  • Page 106, Paragraph 6.17 (v)

If you have any queries or comments you wish to share with us, please contact me at

Falsified Medicines Directive | RPS

Please see the following page from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, giving important information on FMD and advice on compliance as well as more detail on the effects the requirements will have on your pharmacy, penalties for non-compliance, further guidance and the potential implications following Brexit.

Introduction and overviews are avalable publically but you must be an RPS member to access full content.

Click here to view the webpage.

Final Reminder: Mary Seacole

This is the final reminder that the deadline to apply for the highly recommended Mary Seacole course is next week.

The North East London LPC urges Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in leaderships roles to undertake this opportunity and apply for the course. There are few cohorts left and no guarantee of further funding.  The deadline for registration for the final London Cohort is 15th January.

To see more information and testimonials from your LPC Committee Members that have undertaken and completed this course, click here.

TRAS Guide Feedback

Following previous communication and dissemination of the document, we have had a request from Portsmouth university who are evaluating the TRAS guide (Trainees Requiring Additional Support).

This is for all pharmacists who have recruited a pre-reg pharmacist. Please click on the link for further details:

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