Friday Letter 01/06/2018

Friday 1st June 2018


Drug Safety Update: Valproate Pregnancy Prevention Programme materials online

In light of recent changes to guidance, you may have already received hard copies of the materials to support assurance that women and girls of child bearing age on Valporate medicines meet the requirements of the Pregnancy Prevention Programme.

Materials are also available online at


Quality Payments: One month left until review date

Be reminded that the review date for this year’s quality payment is towards the end of this month on Friday 29th June 2018.

Please see the LPC’s Quality Payments page for further advice and support:

If you have any further queries please contact the office as soon as possible to ensure we can resolve your issue before the review point.


CPPE: Patient Safety Workshops

To follow on from their Patient Safety campaign, CPPE are running some patient safety workshops in your local area.

Learning objectives

After completing this focal point programme, learners should be able to:

  • describe the principles of patient safety
  • identify the contributory factors and root causes within systems which impact on patient safety
  • demonstrate an understanding of what constitutes a patient safety incident and how and when to report such incidents
  • recognise risk associated with medicines such as anticoagulants and consider how to minimise these risks in their future practice
  • use appropriate tools to conduct a root cause analysis and identify steps to minimise risk in the future
  • confidently discuss incidents with the patients and colleagues who have been affected by them.

Newham University Hospital
Alan Naftalin Centre, E13 8SL
12 July 2018

Ripple Centre
121 – 125 Ripple Road, IG11 7FN
03 September 2018


Final list granted-May 2018 Price Concession/NCSO

The final list for the May 2018 price concessions has been granted.

Please see the PSNC website for details.


Over the counter quick reference guide

Please see the over the counter quick reference guide for Health Care Professionals from NHS England


HEE Practice Supervisor Training – open for enrollment

A free, flexible online learning course for those supporting pre-registration pharmacists and pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians across London and the South East.

Priority is being given to pharmacists working in pharmacies registered with the ORIEL National Recruitment System, to support meeting placement quality criteria.

To register, you must submit your application form before 15th June 2018, please see the following flyer for more information

PS Course Flyer June 2018


Postgraduate Pharmacy Courses Deadlines – University of Bath

Please be aware of the following message from the University of Btah, if relevant to youself of your pharmacy staff.

Just a quick reminder of the forthcoming application dates for the next intakes for University of Bath pharmacist courses (Autumn 2018). Details, course brochures and fees are available at :

Primary Care and Community Pharmacy Diploma

Pharmacy Integration Fund (PhIF)-funded places available for eligible Community Pharmacists (details

Application deadline: 10 August 2018

Induction Workshop: 3 September (Bath) or 4 September (London)

Bath’s Pharmacist Independent Prescribing course (Uni-Professional)
For self-funding and organisationally funded pharmacists. We are also able to offer Pharmacy Integration Fund (PhIF)-funded places to Pharmacists who are on the following national pathways:

  • Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice Phase 2
  • Medicines Optimisation in Care Homes
  • Clinical Pharmacists in Integrated Urgent Care

Application deadline: 31 August 2018
Induction Workshop: 26-27 September (full list of workshop dates:

Secondary Care Diploma

Application deadline: 10 August 2018
Induction Workshop: 5-6 September 2018

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01225 383206 to discuss any aspect of Bath’s provision. Many thanks for your time.

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The Secretary was appointed on 15th. June 1995 and has served the LPC and the pharmacy contractors and pharmacists continuously since then. He served four terms as President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, and a term as Chairman of the National Pharmacy Association. He was also a Vice-Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee. Internationally, he has served on the Council of Federation of International Pharmacy and also was a Vice-Chairman of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association. He has also led a number of innovative projects at national and local level.

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