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Changes to proof of exemption

As you may already be aware, NHS BSA is changing the types of proof of exemption, moving away from the white plastic cards that are currently in place in favour of digital certificates.

As of this month, Tax Credit Exemption Certificates are moving from plastic cards to A4 paper as an interim measure, with the intention of moving to digital certificates in the future. The A4 paper certificate will contain similar information to that held on the plastic card.

Maternity exemption, medical exemption and prescription prepayment certificates will also be replaced with paper certificates over the coming months, with the intention to eventually be replaced with digital certificates too.

NHS BSA have developed and are trialling digital certificates for prescription prepayment certificates and maternity exemption certificates.

It is the hope that the white cards will be phased out within the next five years but until then, pharmacies can accept the following forms of exemption (provided they are within their expiry):

  • Plastic exemption cards
  • Double-sided A4 paper certificates
  • Digital certificates

This initiative from NHS BSA intends to replace the plastic cards altogether with digital certificates, generative savings for the NHS and reducing the impact on the environment.

For more information, please see the PSNC website:

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