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Reminder: Clinical Governance Deadlines

Please be reminded that your Clinical Governance deadlines are at the end of this month.

By Saturday 31st March 2018, you need to have completed the following:

  1. IG Toolkit- Completed and submitted, IG Toolkit Version 1.4
  2. CPPQ– Conducted & annual results published 
  3. Clinical Audits – You must have undertaken your two annual audits, one for a topic of your choosing and the other determined by NHSE. Click here for PSNC guidance on clinical audits.

Complaints Report – Following the Clinical Governance deadline (above), you are required to send your annual complaints report. This will be for complaints received in the last year (year ending 31st March 2018) and must be sent to your local NHS team as soon as possible after the 31st March. Even if you have not received any complaints this year, you still need to send a report.

For guidance and more detail on what needs to be completed, please see the following briefing from PSNC. There is also guidance on ongoing clinical governance requirements:


IMPORTANT – For BHR Pharmacists

NHS Smartcards – Important Governance Messages and the IG Toolkit


Please contact the LPC office for any further support. either by phone 01277849219, or email

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