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AF Award Press Release

The innovative project in Barking and Dagenham Pharmacies, ‘Improving Physical Health Care for patients with psychosis (PHCP) through collaborative working with local community pharmacies’, has won a Healthcare Pioneer Award from Atrial Fibrillation Association.

The award was accepted by Dr Aarohee Desai-Gupta and Dr. Asif Bachlani, NELFT and by Hemant Patel and Esther Peinado, NEL LPC, on behalf of teams in community pharmacies at the NELFT.

Please click here to view the press release.

The LPC thanks the participating pharmacists and pharmacies:

  • Farah Mawji, Alvin Rose Pharmacy
  • Anna Mironova, Daynight Pharmacy
  • Mohammed Saeed, Mastaa-Care Pharmacy
  • Salim Rashid, Nuchem
  • Abiola Akinsanya, Tesco Pharmacy
  • Semma Khosla, Talati Pharmacy
  • Reena Kanda, Thomas Pharmacy
  • Kate Horton, Thomas Pharmacy
  • Veerpal Sandu, Well Chadwell Health
  • Amjad Syed, Supercare pharmacy



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