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Call to Action: NEL LPC gets community pharmacy focus on the future


An excit­ing new oppor­tun­ity to shape the future of phar­macy is given to phar­macists. Your LPC invites you to have your say.

Improv­ing care through com­munity phar­macy: NHS Eng­land Call to Action Shape your future. Join your LPC to write our response to the NHS England’s ini­ti­at­ive to reshape the health ser­vice with a more prom­in­ent role for com­munity pharmacy.

The Gov­ern­ment has said, ‘Our aim is to enable com­munity phar­macy to play an even stronger role at the heart of more integ­rated out-of-hospital ser­vices that sup­port bet­ter health out­comes for patients, provide more per­son­al­ised care, deliver excel­lent patient exper­i­ence, optim­ise the use of medi­cines and secure the most effi­cient pos­sible use of NHS resources.  This work forms part of the wider Call to Action that NHS Eng­land launched in July 2013.

The main pur­pose of this Com­munity Phar­macy Call to Action is to stim­u­late debate in local com­munit­ies, with every­one who works with com­munity phar­macy, to find out the best way to develop our integ­ral service.’

How will the LPC work with phar­macists to write a response to the Call to Action and engage with phar­macists, staff and the local people? The Call to Action is our oppor­tun­ity to dis­cuss your ideas and give feed­back to NHS Eng­land. The inform­a­tion you share will help local com­mis­sion­ers under­stand what things are good about local ser­vices, what needs to change and where fund­ing would have more impact. This might mean provid­ing more care out­side hos­pital, in com­munity set­tings, giv­ing bet­ter access to phar­macy ser­vices and invest­ing more in inter­ven­tions, such as ser­vices for stop­ping smoking and help­ing people to lose weight and make health­ier choices. And, sup­port­ing bet­ter use of pre­scribed medi­cines. In the slide and resources pack that is given here:

1  community-pharmacy-cta

2  comm-pharmacy-resource

and addi­tional doc­u­ments sig­nalling big changes are

3 nhs_belongs (this is an earlier pub­lic­a­tion to engage with the GPs)

4 moc-report-full RPS

On Novem­ber 5th 2013 the RPS launched ‘Now or Never Shap­ing phar­macy for the future’ the report of the Com­mis­sion on future mod­els of care delivered through phar­macy. That report is already chan­ging think­ing about the role of phar­macists and the need for the whole pro­fes­sion to change to focus­sing to provid­ing bet­ter care primar­ily through improved medi­cines optim­isa­tion across the whole medi­cines path­way. There is a lot more inform­a­tion and you are invited to con­sider 4 key ques­tions around:

cre­at­ing a ‘phar­macy first’ culture

ensur­ing patients get the best from their medicines

integ­rat­ing com­munity phar­macy into the patient pathway

Increas­ing safety of dispensing

Join your hard­work­ing and cre­at­ive LPC col­leagues to develop and con­sider options that we favour for our future as phar­macists on Sunday, 15th Janu­ary. An invit­a­tion with full day’s pro­gramme is being writ­ten and will be sent to you soon at your phar­macy email address. Please take a look at the slides  and resource pack which has more detail and let us know your thoughts and ideas by answer­ing a few simple ques­tions. See you l at the meet­ing and please pre­pare to change the future of our profession.

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