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Friday Letter 05/05/2017

Friday 5th May 2017

Quality Payment Declaration Form- One week left

The 28th April review point pharmacy declaration form will close at 11:59 on Friday 12th May. This means, if you have not already submitted your declaration, you need to do so in the next 7 days.

Declaration form & information:

BEFORE you submit your declaration, please be aware of the following points.

Once you submit your declaration, you cannot change it.

Even if you submit in error, you can only submit once. You cannot change your declaration once it has gone, nor can you resubmit an application. Please be careful when saving if you decide to partially complete to submit later, and make sure you have read over everything and are completely satisfied before you send.

If you are going to save and work on a partially completed declaration rather than submitting immediately, please make sure you remember to submit before 11:59 on Friday 12th May.

You do not need to submit your evidence with your declaration.

Even though you do not need to include it, please make sure you have evidence available for each of the criteria you claim for. Your evidence should be clear and easily accessible as you may be subject to spot checks by NHSE or BSA as part of the usual CPCF, it may be useful to have all of your evidence in place before you make your declaration.

You may also want to read the ‘Claiming Quality Payment’ section of the PSNC Quality Payment FAQs:

Once you have submitted your declaration, you will receive an email to confirm. Please make sure you retain this email as proof of your submission and the date.

If you are unsure about any of the information on claiming your quality payments, please let us know as soon as possible, before submitting your declaration.

Site statistics available on the My Pharmacy Campus.

The last 6 months worth of site statistics and a yearly overview from 2016 for is now available on the My Pharmacy Campus, click here to enrol and access the course.


Please be aware of the following COPD event on Wednesday 17th May, from GSK.

All relevant details are included in the invitation below, including a registration form that is to be completed and returned to Amit Shah at

COPD Event invitation

PSNC News Alert: General Election resources hub went live today. This website hosts various information, additional resources and campaigning tools  to support pharmacists that wish to engage in the political process.

Please view the PSNC news alert for comments on the site launch and more information.

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