Reminder: Final claims for Flu Vaccinations 2016-17

Flu Vaccination Service 2016/17 comes to an end this week, on Friday 31st March.

Be reminded that your Final payment claims for the current Flu Vaccination service need to be submitted along with your Prescription bundle at the start of April 2017.

Final Payment claims must be submitted to the NHS BSA by no later than Wednesday 5th April, along with your FP34C, or you will not be paid for any of the Flu Vaccinations administered in March 2017.

As is stated in the Service Specification, late claims will not be processed.

Payment claims for those vaccinations administered during March must be submitted to the NHS BSA by the 5th of April in line with the FP34C process. Late claims will not be processed

For materials and information from Vaccinations 2016/17, please see the Vaccination Service 2016/17 page.

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