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NEL LPC area pharmacists save lives of the most vulnerable groups by providing flu vaccinations


Congratulations and keep saving lives.

NEL LPC area pharmacists have vaccinated almost 20,000 people and 3 out of 4 pharmacies in the area are helping to save lives of the most vulnerable people. The latest stats from the NHS indicate that our area is out-performing the rest of London in the flu vaccination league.

For every one jab given by a Rest of London pharmacists the NEL pharmacist is jabbing two. This makes NEL a better protected area in London.

Kenny Gibson, NHS London, has sent a message of congratulations to the pharmacists and he urges pharmacists to continue their excellent work in the first year of the newly commissioned service.

Pls get jabbing again and start using the leaflets the LPC has sent you. Your staff should be encouraged to improve the distribution and make the most of the opportunity.

There are people working hard to topple us from the top position. I know you would not let them. So, just one more push. Target the pregnant women, immunosuppressed people, respiratory and diabetic patients. Over 40 percent of the eligible population is still unvaccinated and then there are the Carers. Go for it, and save lives.

The most encouraging thing to come out of the service is the strong and mutually supportive partnership between the ambitious pharmacists and their supportive LPC.

Will pharmacists reach a new target of of 25,000 vaccines this year? All the signs are that they are very likely to reach the target.

I wish them good luck in their endeavours.
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