Why do some pharmacists sabotage their chances of even greater success?

Procastination: putting important things off

A number if pharmacists spoke to me after the Call to Action meeting and so I am sending the following information which can be life changing and may even help your family and staff. At a time of great change some pharmacists adapt quickly and others get stressed.

By taking time to understand your own reasons for putting things off and devoting energy to moving forward, you too can beat procrastination.

A book that can can change your life and fortunes is listed below.

According to the book, Six negative personality traits often lead to procrastination:

“Neurotic perfectionists” procrastinate because they know they can’t achieve the impossibly high standards they set.

• “Big-deal chasers” have big dreams but no realistic plans to achieve them.

• “Chronic worriers” become paralysed by anxiety.

• “Rebellious procrastinators” burn out by engaging in conflict.

• “Drama addicts” create delays to maximise tension.

• “Angry givers” constantly do favours for other people but never do anything self-directed.

To eliminate procrastination from your life, come to grips with any underlying emotional or attitudinal issues. Successful people take charge of their emotions and attitudes. Emotions and attitudes take charge of the unsuccessful people.

To beat procrastination, the psychologists recommend that people should build seven new habits.

They are: understand time increments, set contained goals, do one task at a time, keep notes, avoid distractions, reward yourself and evaluate your work clearly.


Do not procrastinate. Build a successful and happy life despite the disadvantages as a result of background, education or personality. Commit to action.

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