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Friday Letter 05/07/2019

Friday 5th July 2019 Libre discount list exemption change Please see the following link regarding the dispensing of the Freestyle Libre sensors. The sensors are exempt from discount deduction as of 1st July 2019. Quicker access to the Summary Care ...

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July Campaigns

Monday 1st July – Sunday 7th July 2019 Health Information Week 2019 Health Information Week promoted better access to health care and information for patents. This is a multi sector campaign with a theme for each day. Themes and the ...

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June Campaigns

Monday 13th May – Thursday 13th June 2019 Pharmacy Mandatory Campaign continues: Children’s Oral Health Campaign ends 13th June The month-long mandatory, national pharmacy campaigns, second of the six for 2019/2020, will continue until 13th June 2019. click here for ...

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What is the High Street Clinic model?

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CPAF 2019/20

This year’s CPAF Screening questionnaire will be open from Monday 3rd June – Sunday 30th June 2019. For the 2019/20 CPAF, all pharmacies will be invited to complete a short questionnaire. Data from this survey will then be used to ...

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May campaigns

Monday 13th May – Thursday 13th June 2019 National, Mandatory Pharmacy Campaign: Children’s Oral Health The second of this years mandatory pharmacy campaigns focusing on raising awareness of the importance of Children’s Oral Health, this is a month long campaign ...

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Children’s Oral Health Campaign

This is the second of the six mandatory, national pharmacy campaigns for 2019/2020, agreed by NHS England and Public Health England as part of your Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework. This campaign will run from Monday 13th May until 13th June ...

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Cancer awareness campaign input forms

Download the Conversation form & Feedback card in the Cancer Awareness Pack: Before uploading, please download and total up the responses using the tally sheets provided in the following link: Image upload Customer Conversations Bulk upload form Customer Feedback Cards ...

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Your future in Community Pharmacy- Self Assessment

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April Campaigns

Week campaign- Monday 1st April- Sunday 7th April 2019 Public Health Campaign: Diabetes Prevention Week 2019 A campaign raising awareness of how to prevent type 2 diabetes, with information on the lifestyle changes that can be made to reduce the ...

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