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Dear Colleagues,

Click here for a copy of the current constitution, amended in Feb of last year. The notes should be read with the constitution.

Below are my comments in red as a Secretary of the LPC. At the AGM in September 2014, we are committed to rectifying the situation.


3.1       The Committee shall consist of 23 persons engaged in the provision of Pharmaceutical Services under the National Health Service Act 2006, in the specified boroughs of  North-East London

This number was based on previous configuration of the LPC across 8 CCGs. The number now is 6 boroughs and so will decrease with each borough returning two members (one for CCG and one for LA work).

3.2       The Constitution of the Committee of 23 persons shall be as follows: –

Not less than 16 (reduced to 12) pharmacy contractors elected by pharmacy contractors in the area; not less than two community pharmacists shall be elected from each of the  specified boroughs located within North East London.


3 pharmacist nominees (increased to 4 as per our previous conversation) of the Company Chemists’ Association no more than one of whom may be employed by the same employer provided that member(s) of the Association has/have premises under contract in the area;

1 pharmacist nominee of the Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies (AIMp) provided that AIMp members have premises under contract in the area;

3 pharmacists employed by pharmacy contractors no more than one of whom may be employed by the same employer elected by employee pharmacists in the area. One of the nominees is a CCA employee representative.

3.3       The Constitution of the Committee of the Pharmacy Forum of 7 persons shall be as described in Section 20.

3.4       If there are no premises owned by Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies under contract in the area at the time of an election, the AIMp place may be filled by another pharmacy contractor by election.

Please feel free to revert to me



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