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World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017

Antibiotic Awareness Week:
Monday 13th November- Sunday 19th November 2017

Antibiotic Awareness Day:
Saturday 18th November 2017

Raise awareness of antibiotic resistance during next week’s antibiotic awareness week.

For this campaign, there are a lot of resources available. Please see a summary of these resources below, with links to download.

LPC Checklist

PHE Resources- Keep Antibiotics Working

Antibiotic awareness: quizzes and crosswords

Antibiotic awareness: toolkit for healthcare professionals in England

Antibiotics: secondary care prescriber’s checklist

The resources toolkit provides further details including the following:

  • Key Messages
  • Quick Individual Actions
  • Posters/Leaflets
  • Blog/Letters
  • Social Media Support
  • Puzzles (Crosswords and Quizzes)
  • Antibiotic Guardian Champion
  • Junior and Family Antibiotic Guardian.
  • eBug
  • Shared Learning pages

Social Media Resources- PHE

  • Keep Antibiotics Working Social Media Toolkit (PHE)
  • Antibiotic Pill GIF (Facebook)
  • Antibiotic Pill GIF (Twitter)
  • Antibiotic Pill Image (facebook)
  • Antibiotic Pill Image (Twitter)
  • Subtitled Video Add (Facebook)
  • Subtitled Video Add (Twitter)
  • Doctor’s Advice image (Facebook)
  • Doctor’s Advice Image (Twitter)

Social Media Materials PHE WAAW (Download zip file)

To download posters, campaign leaflets and further resources, please see the PHE Campaign Resource Centre: 

World Health Organisation Resources

Web pages

Seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional before taking antibiotics

Bacteria, not humans or animals, become antibiotic-resistant

WHO survey reveals widespread misunderstanding about antibiotic resistance

Campaign materials

About antibiotic resistance


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