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Vaccinations 2017/18

ACTION REQUIRED- Final Guidance on Ordering for 2018/19

The national guidance issued by PHE is quite different to the local guidance that had been issued in London prior to this being available. Therefore, please read and understand the content of each letter in full and ensure those of you who have placed orders for next year are aware that of the amendments you need to make to these orders in light of this latest guidance.

Please see the following documents, read through in FULL and take the appropriate action:

If you are experiencing difficulties in changing your order, please contact the London immunisation team.


Pharmacies must register for BOTH the National and London service BEFORE administering vaccinations.

National: Click here to register for the National Flu Vaccination Advanced Service 2017/18

London: Click here to register for the London Pharmacy Vaccination Service 2017/18

Briefings & Guidance for Vaccinations 2017/18


Vaccination Documents 2017/18


Click here to download the above documents


Click here to download all the above documents


Stay Well this Winter campaign

Flu will be part of the Stay Well This Winter campaign, launching on 9th October.

For campaign overview and to download resources, please see the following link.


Pharmacies & Vaccinations in Care Homes and Schools

Vaccinations in Care Homes & Schools packs

Winter readiness information for London care homes 2017 and 2018

Winter readiness information for London schools 2017-2018

Protocol for Vaccination for those who work in care homes


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